Immortal Technique spoke with VladTVabout the murder of Chinx.

He says that he didn't know Chinx personally, but has mutual connections. The Viper Records rapper says that even though the incident is tragic,he isn't afraid of the hood.

"It makes me think about when I went home to Latin America and people recognized me for the first time," he says. "I did notice a couple of people looking at me sideways like, 'Is he real here in the middle of the hood?'


Like I was walking through Callao, Peru which was like, believe that’s a hardcore place to be. And what I saw there was not the hood that I looked down upon.


It was a hood full of struggling poor people that came from a beautiful culture that were just try to make it.


The reality is that poverty makes people do reckless things, but rich people do way worse to protect the money that they have and to take advantage of things."



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